Over the past 25 years, biologics have transformed the treatment of many debilitating chronic and life-threatening diseases, allowing millions of patients to lead better and longer lives. In contrast to chemical pharmaceuticals that are small-molecule compounds, biologics are large-molecule compounds and are highly complex. They are serious medicines, and the patients who use them likely depend on multiple medicines to treat their complicated illnesses.

As groups representing physicians who regularly prescribe biologics, we have a unique and important perspective about the use of these medicines. While biosimilars hold tremendous promise to increase access and affordability of these advanced medicines, their availability will increase the complexity of the treatment landscape. As such, the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative aims to ensure that sound policies are in place to promote the safest possible use of all biologics, including biosimilars, for all patients.

The Collaborative is led by three physician co-conveners, Dr. Dennis Cryer, Dr. Gregory Schimizzi and Dr. David Charles, who share the belief that policy issues relating to biosimilars are of the utmost importance for patients' health and safety.