February 3, 2016 Biosimilar Billing Code Infographic

Per previous comments to CMS, the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative wishes that each biosimilar would receive its own unique payment rate and HCPCS code. This graphic depicts that in order to trace side effects to their source, a unique billing code is required for each biological medicine. As physicians who make complex medical decisions daily, we are committed to principles of patient-centered care and a clinically-sound prescribing process for biological products, including biosimilars. The current CMS policy of assigning a single HCPCS billing code and reimbursement rate for all biosimilars of a single reference product seriously jeopardizes these principles, undermining innovation, science and safety.

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Read BPC’s comment to CMS from September 2015: Physician Groups Urge CMS to Adopt Unique Billing Codes (J-codes) for Each Biosimilar

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