Updated Handbook The Biosimilar Promise: An Introduction for Prescribers

The Biologics Prescribers Collaborative is pleased to publish the 2nd edition of our educational handbook, which serves as an introductory primer to key biologic and biosimilar issues. The biosimilars age has arrived with the promise of an expanding array of therapeutic options for patients and physicians battling serious diseases and conditions. As prescribers of biologics, we believe that realizing the biosimilar promise requires awareness of the differences between biosimilars and generics, and among biologics themselves, as well as an understanding of the distinctive therapeutic choices they represent.

This introductory handbook provides an overview of the key issues including:

  • Places biosimilars within the context of the biologics revolution
  • Outlines the regulatory process
  • Describes the development and manufacturing challenges
  • Reviews prescribing considerations
  • Discusses the importance of safe use and monitoring

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